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Case Study

Challenges & Solutions:

My first step was to evaluate where Mara and Whitener Professionals currently were in their marketing. We looked at what they had in place: their business, competitors, website, and search engine optimization (SEO).  I worked with Mara to refine her target customers for each service offering. We then analyzed her messaging to determine the best narrative and voice to connect with her ideal clients.


Some key challenges we addressed:

Branding Alignment: Although Whitener Professionals had existing branding, it wasn't fully aligned across all touchpoints. We worked to ensure consistent visuals, messaging and tone of voice on the website, marketing materials, and social media. This created a professional, cohesive brand experience.

Content Strategy: Mara had been putting out some content, but it was sporadic and not optimized. We developed a content calendar with regular, valuable blog posts and social media content tailored to her target audience's needs and interests. This boosted engagement and attracted organic traffic.

Email Marketing: Whitener Professionals had an email list, but it was stagnant. We implemented strategic lead magnets and began consistently adding clients to the list, which had not been done previously. Through this approach, we grew their email list by over 200 active, engaged subscribers within a year.

Design Support: As a small business, Mara needed a range of design assets but didn't have the resources for an in-house designer. We became her one-stop-shop, providing branding, print materials, social media templates, and other design deliverables as needed. This allowed her to easily maintain a polished brand.


Through our work together, Whitener Professionals has seen fantastic growth and improvement in their marketing:

- Email list growth of 200+ engaged subscribers 
- 300% increase in social media engagement rates
- Cohesive branding and messaging across all platforms
- High-quality, consistent content that resonates with her audience
- Full range of professional design assets

It's been extremely rewarding to support Mara and see her business thrive. If you're looking to take your marketing to the next level, let's talk! Contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

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