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Bamboozled By Jesus

Super long post that should be a blog but here you go-stay with me!

One thing for sure, two things for certain, my story is anything but conventional, but God doesn’t make mistakes.

For the LONGEST time I felt like the path I was on WAS a mistake. Like I was being bamboozled by Jesus. 😒

If you asked me what I really wanted to be when I grew up, my answer would always be either a Neurologist or Neurosurgeon.

But, turns out I wasn’t rich enough to afford med school or smart enough to get in.

I started going to college for Mechanical Engineering in the summer of 2013. It’s not what I wanted to do-at all. But I did what I thought would make other people proud of me.

I COULD do the work-even though it was incredibly hard. But the problem is, when I don’t believe in something, or love something, I lose interest and start giving very much “half assed” energy.

I sat on a bench outside on campus next to AJ-my boyfriend at the time. He asked me,”What would make you happy? Have you given that any thought?”

I told him I wanted to be a Nurse. I dropped out of all my classes that week and my 3.5 GPA went to 2.8 because I dropped out mid semester and quite honestly didn’t give a shit about the work I did.

I was still on waiting lists for every RN program in our area. I sat on the list for months. Another roadblock. 

I decided to go to an LPN program instead. My husband (fiancé at that point in time) made sure he did what he needed to do to support me financially and get me through the program.

I graduated with a 96.72% average. We got married 1 week after I graduated.

I passed my NCLEX on my first shot in the minimum amount of questions. Still on a waiting list for RN programs.

I took jobs at shitty Nursing homes and hated it so much. My last stent was spent at WellNow Urgent Care. Talk about a GIANT shit show. I was burnt out, but I did meet my best friend there-who’s now the Godmother to my daughter. And we did have A LOT of fun when we worked together. And yes, that’s a picture of us fighting over the last Reese’s Peanut Butter cup in the office. 

I won btw.

 but Nursing wasn’t what made me happy either. I started to wonder,”What’s wrong with me?”

April of 2020 I quit my job. Truthfully, it wasn’t a thought out plan but more of a manic episode. I’ve had enough. I was tired. My Son was diagnosed with Epilepsy and I was honestly sick and tired of having to ask permission to leave my job to meet his ambulance at the children’s hospital.

June of 2020, we decide to follow my parents to Charlotte, NC. Both of left with no jobs-just the money we made from selling our house. The job my husband had lined up fell through because of COVID and tightening restrictions.

August of 2020, I got a paid gig doing Social Media Management and officially started treatment for Bipolar Disorder.

By the fall, I thought,”Hey, I’m really happy where I’m at!”

In November, I launched my Marketing Business-KP Business Marketing. I won Best Business Person of the Year-2 years in a row.

I was featured on a ton of online media platforms, I was winning awards, I was so happy.

In May of 2021, I finally got pregnant with Gianna-the baby girl I prayed for months about. I took 3 full months off and so did my husband to spend time with our newborn.

I came back and rebranded into the KP Kollective in 2022.

In 2023 I was voted into Charlotte’s 30 Under 30 Class of 2024. I won two additional awards. I was a Mom of 2-finally.

In 2024 I’m restructuring to better fit what I truly want to do and spend more time with my kids. 

Today, I look back and think,”Why couldn’t this have all happened 10 years ago?”

And I think the answer is rather simple. God doesn’t make mistakes. Every milestone or hardship in my life was put in my path for a reason. 

You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Even if you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. It sucks being stuck in a situation that’s shitty, but eventually, you’ll understand exactly why you were put through those challenges.

Don’t be afraid of God for challenging you. Be afraid when he STOPS challenging you.

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